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Enterprise Process Automation

RevSoft Enterprise Software runs natively on all platforms regardless of the operating system and databases. Built with a secure web interface that provides the ability to remotely monitor and manage your operations from any browser enabled device, with configurable proactive alerts and escalations ensuring your service levels are protected at all times.

RevSoft Enterprise provides integrated, cross-platform business automation and management of key datacenter operations, including:

RevSoft Enterprise provides integrated, cross-platform business automation and management of key datacenter operations, including:

Cross Platform Message/Event and Resource Monitoring

Cross Platform Message/Event and Resource Monitoring

Cross Platform Secure Data File Transfer

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Unix / Linux

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Rev Scheduler

Rev Scheduler, your business, organization, or enterprise receives all the benefits of an automatic, distributed-database job scheduling application. Rev Scheduler reduces operational costs by centralizing and automating all job scheduling across multiple servers and into one intuitive GUI, with real-time job monitoring and detailed insights into your business intelligence reports.

Rev Scheduler for JDE

enables JDE sites to manage batch jobs/task (end of day, end of month processing) and their dependencies within JD Edwards and other applications, even across multiple hardware platforms. Rev Scheduler’s time and/or event based batch job processing provides more flexible JDE batch job scheduling, and can also synchronize JD Edwards’ processes with external applications such as BI reporting and EDI tools. 

Rev Message

ensures that the correct person within your organization is immediately (and automatically) alerted of important system events and escalates issues that can potentially impact your bottom line, and all in real-time.

This solution provides unique flexibility and user-friendliness beyond the scope of other event monitoring and messaging solutions because its architecture is designed to integrate throughout the entire enterprise.

Rev Message runs natively on nearly any platform, allowing the ability to monitor large scale operations across separate servers, databases, operating systems, and other software applications, including:  IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), AIX, Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Rev View

a free-of-charge networking module that networks all the RevSoft software products, no matter how many instances of those products and no matter the number of platforms on which they’re installed.

All RevSoft products have multiple nodes that often operate on multiple platforms. Rev View synchronizes all of this operational activity between all RevSoft products, and synchronization occurs without the need for user interaction.

Once installed, you can use Rev View to create custom management windows into your RevSoft application status, choosing either to view select applications, applications on select servers, or all applications. Map view and grid views are available for any view you choose.

Rev Dataflow

consolidates file transfer protocols from multiple platforms, systems, and databases while automating them, optimizing them, and providing a single view to monitor them all.

This time-and-money-saving software solution runs natively on Windows, IBM i, Linux, Unix, and AIX platforms for enterprise-ready deployment.

All file transfers become automated across every system where installed, with speed and efficiency. 

Because Rev Dataflow works seamlessly with Rev Scheduler and other 3rd party scheduling software applications, you also have the control to schedule file transfers from such applications. 

Rev Dataflow is designed to be compatible with all file types, including IBM i objects, IBM i library files, Windows and Unix stream files, and more — including conversion to and from EBCDIC records and ASCII text.

Rev Guardian

If your business or enterprise systems operate on multiple servers, databases, or platforms, then you already have first-hand experience with the labor-intensity involved in monitoring the performance of those resources and keeping them working at optimal efficiency.

Rev Guardian performs checks on every system and user command, including process validation, job status, file availability, web page availability, disk usage, network status and others. When it detects a problem, it then takes action by performing a recovery command, sending an email or generating a system event or message.

One of the major operational problems with multi-platform business systems is that conventional resource management requires separate monitoring of each system on the platform where it is installed.

Like with all of the RevSoft software solutions Rev Guardian centralizes all of your enterprise in both a single dashboard view and a single graphical control interface, running natively on IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux, and more.

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